‘I was apprehensive about therapy before meeting Dr Leyla Rafieian Taheri but now wish I had started years ago. The weekly sessions with Leyla have made an enormous difference to both my and my family’s lives. The initial session was to make sure we could work together and within minutes she put me at ease. Therapy can be hard work but having someone to expertly guide me through the process made it so much easier. Leyla never judges and is incredibly patient. Our sessions were often challenging and uncomfortable as I questioned long held beliefs and started to develop new ways of thinking. There were lots of lighter moments in the process as well and laughter was as common as tears. At times I wondered if things were really getting better and whether I was too reliant on the sessions. However, one day it all seemed to click into place and I realised things had changed forever and there was a brighter better life to be lived. The anger and anxiety I had when I first started therapy has now largely gone.gone and I can take on life’s challenges in a calmer, clearer way without beating myself up. Leyla has been an invaluable guide on a journey to a destination I had almost given up on ever reaching. I hope this review helps someone pick up the phone and make an appointment - that was certainly the hardest part for me.’

After years of mental struggle, I made the conscious decision to seek professional help. I consider Dr. Taheri’s greatest strengths to be her compassion and patience.  I personally benefited greatly from talking a lot during each session, which allowed me to better understand myself and truly express my fears and concerns. With that said, I am confident that Dr. Taheri is more than capable of adapting and developing the most effective approach, tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Throughout the months, Dr. Taheri suggested a number of techniques and enlightened me about several new concepts. I have found these techniques and concepts extremely useful in my personal journey towards self-liberation and freedom. I truly believe that Dr. Taheri has had a positive impact on my well-being and equipped me with the tools needed to conquer my doubts and move forward.'

Like many people, I was apprehensive about what to expect from counselling, but it was an extremely positive and transformative experience. Leyla provided me with invaluable insight and positive coping strategies for the issues I was dealing with. She helped me make sense of difficult and complex emotions and to process and work through traumatic past experiences in a compassionate and supportive environment where I felt safe. I found her to be insightful, knowledgeable, patient and very easy to confide in. I finished my counselling journey with a much better understanding of myself, an enhanced sense of capability and an optimistic outlook for the future.'

'I am sincerely happy that after a few years of difficulties and mental struggle I finally took, what was for me, the brave step to seek therapy. I had no idea what to expect from my first session with Dr Leyla Rafieian Taheri, but an hour later I left with a feeling of hopefulness and knowing that I had done the right thing for myself, and that the journey of re-taking charge of my life had begun. I looked forward to each of our weekly sessions in the following months as I felt encouraged and empowered by Leyla every time. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Taheri as an excellent and trustworthy psychologist who really works with you individually and makes sure you leave each session feeling empowered, but also, a wonderful person who knows how to create an environment where opening up and discussing the most personal matters, that can often be the hardest to address, becomes a lot less difficult. Six months after I first made the decision to commit to weekly therapy sessions I am now at a place where I have regained control over my life and I can honestly say that this would not have been possible without the help and guidance I received from Dr Taheri '